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Artistic Raw
At a young age Dj Artistic Raw was already inspired by music. When he was only eight years old he was already experimenting a lot with cassette decks by playing a track faster, slower and in reverse. Everything you could possibly do with a cassette, he's already done. He loved the fact that he had control over the music that was playing.

The years after that he listened a lot to music that he bought or got from friends. At an age of twelve Artistic Raw began to remix music. He loved to put another beat in it. In order to give the music its own flavour. The remixes he did were spread over the internet, it was very attractive for people his own age.

Three years later he didn't only wanted to remix music, he also wanted to play it and remix it for a real audience. He wanted to DJ. After saving a lot Raw bought a DJ-set and started to practice on it. Three years later, at the age of eighteen he started to get the hang of it, he changed his artist name into Artistic Raw and started to play at parties. The moment he discovered his love for DJing he started going to parties with his friend, who was a DJ. At this parties he was allowed to display his skills. It didn't stop there, he started creating mixtapes.

He also made sure the tapes could be downloaded on his website. Due to the success of these mixtapes he was approached by an house community. They asked him to make mixtapes for them. At this moment Raw has created the mixtape, named: ´The DrugHouse'. This so called ´house mixtape' was downloaded over more than ten thousand times within just two weeks and therefore it can be considered a success!