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Dark Raver
Dutch Hardcore-DJ & -producer. Steve Sweet was born on the 12th of September 1967 in Den Haag, Holland were he still lives. His mother's from Curacao (NL).

Started at Rave the City 1992 (statenhal) in Den Haag. In his early days he worked under the name "DJ The Dominator" but later on changed this into "The Darkraver". On his first appearance under this name he came on stage in a bat-costume. Well known about his foamrubber hammer en FILA-cloting. Mostly played record (in 1992): "Don't touch that stereo".
His style: mixing records very shortly after each other and doing crazy things trying to enjoy the crowd.
He produced some nice and well-known new-skool records together with Dj Vince on Babyboom Records like "Intelligent Hardcore" and "Thunderground".

Worked at Stad Den Haag Records (now known as Midtown). These days (2004) he specializes in mixing jumpstyle, house & oldschool. If you ask him what he likes most he will most probably say; PUSSY!!!